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Supporting BYFSA

BYFSA Fundraising

We have partnered with Fundraising University this year. BYFSA Board is asking each family to sell 5 cards. Cards will be distributed on the first game night the week of June 6.

RAHRAH! is a membership based discount phone app. Instead of carrying around a discount card or booklet, members have quick access to hundreds of discounts right on their phone. Discounts are offered locally, throughout North Dakota, and throughout different parts of the US.

The fundraiser will go from June 6-22.

  • “THE DIAMOND CLUB” The Top 10 individual sellers in each division will earn cash prizes.
  • A pizza party will be awarded to the team who sells the most cards in each division.

Check out the Discount Card Fundraiser Cheat-Sheet and Rah Rah! Sales Information below prepared for BYFSA by Fundraising University!

2022 BYFSA Fundraising Coupon Cards

Our fundraising efforts have been able to assist in the following projects:

  • BYFSA financial obligations for Cottonwood Park have been paid off
  • Shelving & bat holders in dugouts
  • Storage building for equipment
  • New catchers gear, tees, face masks, portable bat holders for travel teams, pitching training aids for camps, equipment bags
  • Field upgrades - portable fences