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2023 BYFSA Board Elections

By BYFSA, 08/25/23, 1:30PM CDT



BYFSA is holding elections for the 2023-2024 BYFSA Board member positions in October. Nominations will be taken during our September board meeting and will remain open until Sunday, October 1, 2023. In order to nominate someone, or submit interest for a position for yourself, please email BYFSA or contact President Matt Liudahl (701-471-5997) before 5:00pm on October 1. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions!

During our October BYFSA Board meeting, we will be voting for open 2023-2024 board member positions. We would like to invite you to attend in order to cast your vote.

OCTOBER 2, 2023
Exxon Board Room, 3921 Trenton Dr. Bismarck

We hope your schedule allows for you to attend!

Board Position



Matt Liudahl

Vice-President Scott Owens



Website/Technology Director


Summer League Coordinator


Assistant Summer League Coordinator (non-voting)


Travel Team Coordinator

Nick Roemmich

Assistant Travel Team Coordinator (non-voting)

Carinna Hendrickson

Umpire Coordinator (non-voting)


Member at Large (2 positions)

Jesse Klaudt
Fred Schauer
Jeremy Twete

*Nomination information will be posted after 9/5/2023 Board Meeting

Officer Responsibilities

All board members shall be required to maintain contact with the board during their time in office and shall notify the president of any absence in excess of seven (7) days. The board will assume the duties of absent officers. Any of the named offices can have co-chairs and/or co-coordinators.


  • The President and Treasurer will be elected to serve a two-year term, however the term may be extended until a successor has been elected.
  • Office terms shall be staggered so that approximately half the number of board members will end their terms in any given year.
  • Board members may serve terms in succession.
  • The term of office shall be considered to begin November 1 and end October 31 of the term limit in office, unless the term is extended until such time as a successor has been elected.
  • If any vacancy on the board exists, it will be filled by board appointment.

Office Descriptions

  • President - The President shall preside at all general meetings and board meetings of the association. He/she shall sign all contracts, act as spokesperson and perform other duties of the association as needed. The President will be responsible for the storage and maintenance of the association records. All board members will be responsible to the President for their duties of office. He/she will chair the managers’ meeting. He/she will be an ex-office member of all committees. He/she will serve as the Parks and Recreation liaison. He/she shall maintain liaison between all Coordinators (11 & up, 10 & under, 8 & under, and 6 & under divisions) and monitor their activities.
  • Vice President - The Vice-President shall preside at meetings of the association and the board of directors in the President’s absence. He/she shall assist the President in carrying out the responsibilities of the President’s office. He/she shall maintain liaison between all Coordinators (11 & up, 10 & under, 8 & under, and 6 & under divisions) and monitor their activities. He/she will work in conjunction with the league Treasurer for transfer of all monies and sales records which will be provided to the Treasurer for monthly financial reports and filings. He/she shall be responsible for fair and impartial placement of all players. He/she shall present, at each board meeting, a report on any disciplinary decisions made involving any player or manager. He/she shall oversee all aspects of coaching to include, but not limited to: coach qualifications, background investigations for all coaches and board members, principles of instruction, hosting coaching seminars, coordinating tryouts for Travel Team placement, and ensuring adherence to the Coaches Code of Ethics and Conduct.
  • Secretary - The Secretary shall record the minutes of both board and general membership meetings and keep a record of board member attendance. He/she shall provide the President with copies of the minutes of all meetings and any other correspondence. The minutes are a permanent record of this organization. He/she shall be responsible for notifying all board members of any and all meetings. The Secretary shall maintain a master registration log indicating player’s names, division, birthdates, and amount of registration fee. The Secretary shall work closely with the Website Manager/Technology Coordinator to accomplish these duties. The Secretary will be responsible for ordering the “End of Year Awards” for summer league players.
  • Treasurer - The Treasurer shall provide the board with a preliminary budget which may be used as a guide for final approval after any necessary changes are made by the board. He/she shall maintain the association’s funds and keep accurate record of it. He/she shall provide the executive board with copies of all bank statements. He/she shall be responsible for the disbursements of association funds and shall provide a financial report available to each board member at each board meeting and at the expiration of his/her term in office. He/she shall be a liaison between sponsors and the board. He/she will serve as the merchandise coordinator.
  • Website and Technology Director - The Website and Technology Director will be responsible for updating and maintaining the organization’s website, Facebook page and any other types of social media BYFSA chooses to access. He/she will be responsible for coordinating all player registrations, distributing group emails, tracking team scores, and establishing the end of year summer league tournament.
  • Summer League Coordinator(s) - The Summer League Coordinator(s) will be present on all game nights when possible. He/she will ensure correct placement of pitching rubber on game nights. He/she will be the liaison between the Board, the coaches, the players and the umpires. He/she will maintain the gear for their league and seek Board approval to purchase additional gear. He/she will supply coaches with team schedules, team rosters, equipment bags with age appropriate equipment, balls, and team shirts. He/she will be familiar with league rules and communicate these rules to team coaches and reiterate that the rules apply to EVERY summer league game. He/she will be responsible for reporting game scores to Website/Technology Director. He/she will coordinate the selection/drafting process of players for their respective league. He/she will work with the Secretary to order and distribute “End of Season Awards” to the players and coaches of each league.
  • Travel Team Coordinator(s) - The Travel Team Coordinator shall be the liaison between the Board, coaches, players, and parents. He/she will distribute uniforms; and, with Board approval, reorder uniforms when needed. He/she will work closely with Board Treasurer for any ordering. He/she will seek out and appoint team managers for each travel team. He/she will collect and maintain copies of birth certificates of each travel team player. He/she will acquire necessary information for the completion of the USA Softball form and submit the forms to the USA Softball of ND. He/she will arrange team hotel reservations for all out of town tournaments. He/she will register for summer tournaments. He/she will supply coaches with equipment bags.
  • Umpire Coordinator - The Umpire Coordinator shall be responsible for scheduling of summer league umpires and ensure Website/Technology Director is made aware of the finished schedule so that he/she may post on the website. He/she will ensure proper umpire equipment is made available for volunteer umpires and work with the Treasurer to ensure purchase of any necessary items. He/she will serve as the liaison between coaches, umpires, and Parks and Recreation for matters concerning umpires.